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My child is only just starting to learn English. What is the language of instruction in Amusing Science classes?


The classes at Amusing Science are all conducted in English, as we believe it is never too early to introduce to children scientific terms which they will later on use, in English. Please don’t worry though, if your child is not fluent in the language, as we will always have instructors present who will be able to supplement the class in Cantonese, should the instructor feel there is a need.


I read on the website that Amusing Science provides hands-on experience, so will the children be able to carry out the experiments themselves?


All our experiments have been tried and tested for safety. The ingredients and reagents we use are 100% safe for children to handle. The instructors will demonstrate each experiment before the children will do it for themselves. During the class, there may be some times when the children will work in pairs, and some times when they will be working alone, but each child will be able to experience things hands-on, and they will be closely supervised.


We have never joined any science classes before, can parents stay to watch?


Parents are welcome to stay and watch the progress of the class, if they desire. However, we would like to reiterate that children do learn best when their parents are not watching, and we at Amusing Science endeavours to provide a relaxed environment, most conducive to learning.


Why does each class last for 3 hours? I am afraid my children are not used to concentrating for such a long period of time.


Classes at Amusing Science aim not only to be fun, but also to give each student the time and space to discover science and to develop logical and critical thinking. Our sessions are deliberately 3 hours in duration, so that students can learn to discover things for themselves rather than being presented with scientific concepts fait accompli. This is how we establish a love of science.


Instructors at Amusing Science are experienced in designing interesting but informative classes filled with hands-on, fun experiements. From our experience, students aged from 5 onwards are able to spend 3 hours, lost in s


I see that the courses are split into three classes, the trio following a specific theme. Do we have to register for all three classes, or can we choose to take just one class?


Parents can choose one class, or register for all three in that series.


Does the course fee include all the cost of materials and administrative fees?


Yes, the course fee is all inclusive, and we provide a lab-coat for all the students so there is no need for parents to bring an apron for their child.


Are bad-weather warnings observed?


There will be no classes if a typhoon 8, or Black rain warning is hoisted. The class will be conducted at a later date to be determined.


What happens if my child is unwell and unable to attend the class?


We understand that this may happen sometimes, and hope that the parents can inform us one day in advance. Of course, that is not always possible, but do call us if your child is unable to attend the class, and we will make-up the missed lesson at a later date.


My child is very excited about science classes and would like to do some of the experiments he has learned at home. Is this possible?


The experiments we do at Amusing Science are all safe, and if you have the equipment at home, you can of course enjoy learning together with your child. We also provide some materials for the student to bring home after (the appropriate) classes. Please let us know if you need any help in your science revision, and we hope you can enjoy exploring fun science with your child in your own kitchen!


Do you organise any field trips for the family?


We do, during the school holidays, and we encourage you to visit our website for more information.


Is there any further information for parents, and how do we enrol for a class?


Please email us at if you have any more unanswered questions.

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